The beautiful thing about photography, for me personally, is the way it makes you change your appreciation of the world around you. When i first started studying photography many years ago in 1999, it was amazing to me how I began to look around me at the world much more, and to try and appreciate the beauty of the little details of the life that surrounded me. Too often we walk around , rushing from place to place and not absorbing those little beautiful details that are all around us. Always take some time to stop and look at what's around you and appreciate it.

Alex F, Photographer


My love for photography comes from an early age. But my first artistic experiences were as a young boy when my parents fortunately allowed me to indulge my creativity by drawing and painting on almost every surface of my bedroom.

Over time this grew into a serious passion for drawing and illustration as well as graffiti art. At the same time I indulged in some guitar and piano playing. All this to say i have always loved the arts and had an intense need to create and express myself in various forms.

15 years ago i picked up my first camera and fell in love with this medium that allowed me to create artistic images like i did with my illustration and painting, in a fraction of the time and i even got to keep the original, which was not the case with the former art forms! I was hooked. I set up a dark room in a spare room of the house and i was set up.

Eventually I moved to the U.K. to study Photography over 13 years ago now, with the idea of becoming a documentary film maker.

Many years on now i no longer have a dark room, as i have moved on to digital since then. But i do have my own studio and gallery in Brighton, UK. We have been running since the beginning of 2013 and it has been a great experience so far!

I do business portrait photography, family portrait photography, personal boudoir photographs & albums, wedding photography, portfolios/headshots, corporate/PR photography, live food/catering photography, and travel photography.

• Designer or Retailer Look-book • Editorial Photography• Beauty Photography • Make-overs • Boudoir Photography• Portfolio Photography • Portraiture • Family Portraiture • Product Photography • Lifestyle Photography •

Most of my studio photography work (such as portraits and portfolios) is done at Artista Studio in Brighton, of which I am owner.
Portrait Photography

For that really special occasion, or just because you feel like it, come for a portrait photography session in Brighton

Family, couples, personal, make-over, lifestyle, pregnancy, pet or business portraits

Portfolios & Head-shots

Models, actors, singers, dancers, comedians, performers – For those struggling to find a portfolio photography session that captures your individuality, and want to show the world what you're all about in photographs.

Product Photography

A business's image is so important in building a strong brand. For this reason having a really impressive and professional set of photographs of your range of products or services is paramount to creating a strong brand identity.


I work with a large network of alternative and classical models, make-up artists, hair dressers and stylists and run my own studio in Brighton. I am available for comissioned photo shoots so contact me with your ideas for publication.

Private Studio

My private photographic studio is spread over 3 floors and based in the beautiful conservation area of Brunswick Town in the heart of Brighton & Hove.

Every room has its own unique look and we have all the facilities you would imagine from a modern, working studio:


  • Bowens 500 & 200 Professional studio lights
  • Broad range of modifiers
  • Colourama paper infinity / background paper
  • Exposed painted brickwork and hardwood floors throughout
  • Kitchen facilities
  • Partitioned client and shooting areas
  • Great Natural LIght
  • Free wifi
  • and a fully stocked bar!

    My studio space is available for private hire so contact me for rates or you can email me directly here.